Monday, April 7, 2008

Travestis In Brooklyn Ny

Friends with 3 large A

The 3A, it means many things: the 3 Ugly, the 3 architects, 3 Artists, 3 Friends, 3 which are greatly missed ...

Albana and Eva in the snow in Bitola in Macedonia

Albana and his daughter Audrey, at Christmas 2005

Audrey in June 2007, with a few inches taller!

Jean-Luc, the leader of the band, husband and father of Audrey Albana.

A great man and not only in size!

the same as a key ingredient, all-terrain ... What a look!

Mirella's sister Albana mechanic's wife and the most competent of Elbasan.

Philippe, said "Fifi", Brother of Jean-Luc, welcoming front of a traditional dish!

Jorge Meal at our guide to hiking horseback.
Jorge and his nephews
Agim, the other guide Wild One.

Albana and girls

Qatip Jorge, the oldest, was my personal guide on the second part of the hike.

Isa, improvised a guide for the ride ...


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